As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Bethesda, MD, I work with adults who are struggling with their personal relationships or experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.  I offer counseling services for individuals, couples, parents and groups in a warm and supportive environment.

I strive to develop an honest, open and trusting relationship wherein a client feels safe and understood, and able to express themselves without fear of judgment. I encourage my clients to face what they find most uncomfortable: change.  Together, we identify goals and explore strategies for reaching those goals.  In this way, I help my clients learn to manage any challenge that  comes their way.

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Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers individuals to accomplish their mental health and wellness goals.  As a counselor, I work collaboratively with individuals and couples to identify changes they would like to make, recognize obstacles interfering with progress, and devise plans to move them forward.  My aim is to guide you along the path you choose to take, and share skills and knowledge to help you reach your destination.

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The goal of couples counseling is to increase your knowledge about yourself, your partner and to improve the patterns of interactions between you.  As a couples counselor, my job is to help each of you understand each others’ experience of the relationship and offer observations and recommendations for breaking destructive patterns and reaching counseling goals.

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Parenting is the most difficult and important job you will ever have.  Yet to be a parent, no previous experience is required.  On-the-job training occurs each and every day in response to the rapidly changing needs of those around us.   Whether you are looking for help in managing the everyday demands of family life or confronting more serious and troubling challenges, I can help you overcome whatever obstacles are interfering with your family life.

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Group counseling is a powerful way to learn about yourself, and gain insight into issues of concern.  It allows you to learn from others how to manage a particular situation, as well as to share your own strategies and solutions.   By joining with others who are having similar experiences, group members learn that they are not alone in their feelings or experiences.  They gain comfort from connecting with others in similar situations and exchanging ideas and strategies.

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