Separation and Divorce Support Group

At my office in Bethesda, I lead an on-going support group for women going through separation and divorce.  This same group of women has met weekly for more than 4 years, offering a safe and comforting place to share their pain, struggles and triumphs. These amazing women have blossomed from what was a really dark and difficult time, and they each credit the group with having helped them through.  Helping these women along their path of rebuilding has been a remarkably rewarding experience for me, and I am honored to have witnessed, and been a part of, their healing and growth.

I am always interested in creating another separation and divorce support group, for women and/or men who have recently embarked on this difficult journey.  I welcome anyone interested in joining such a support group to contact me directly.

Parenting Education Groups

I have hosted time-limited Parenting Education and Support groups that are geared to parenting concerns associated with a particular developmental stage of a child’s life, such as toddlerhood, Pre-Schoolers, Kindergarteners, or Teenagers.  A popular group focus has also been the Transition to Parenthood.  The goal of these groups is for participants to acquire realistic strategies for dealing with specific parenting issues and to gain a sense of camaraderie with other group members who are struggling with the same concerns.  In general, parenting groups provide support, comfort and information that help members master the ever changing role of being a parent.

I also co-lead monthly drop-in parenting groups at the Early Childhood Center in the Bindeman Suburban Center of Washington Hebrew Congregation during the regular school year.  These parenting groups are open to all families of students at Bindeman, and address specific topics such as Power Struggles, Building Cooperation and Limit Setting.  We also offer an “Ask Us Anything” group where parents come prepared with a parenting challenge that they are seeking help confronting.